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  1. What is a Home Inspection? 
  2. Why do I need a Home Inspection?
  3. I am buying a new home, do you still reccommend a Home Inspection?
  4. What if my home fails the Home Inspection?
  5. What parts of the home are inspected during a typical Home Inspection?
  6. What parts of a home are not inspected?
  7. How long does a Home Inspection take?
  8. What is the cost of a Home Inspection?
  9. Do I need to attend the Home Inspection?
  10. When will I receive the report?
  1. A Home Inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible systems and components of a home.
  2. Peace of mind. When marring such a large investment that is something that we would all like to have, a home inspection can do just that, by identifying problems that may not be seen by the untrained eye.
  3. New home construction will always be susceptible to errors and problems. Most of the work in a new home is Sub-Contracted out to the lowest bidder. the builder, no matter how good of a reputation can not possibly supervise all of the work that goes on in a new home.
  4. A home inspection is not a Code Compliance Inspection, it is a visual examination of the condition of the house at the time of inspection. There is no pass of fail, only a description of systems and components that may need repair or replacement.
  5. As home inspectors we follow the standards of practice that is set forth by the state of Alabama. We inspect heating a cooling systems (temperature permitting), plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, attic, foundation (including crawl space), walls, ceilings, floors, windows and visual structural items.
  6. Here are some of the items not inspected during a home inspection. Paint, wallpaper and other finish treatments, carpeting, alarm systems, central vacum systems, lawn sprinklers, outbuilding, shutters and fences.
  7. The length of time usually depends on the size and age ofthe home. The average inspection takes 2-3 hours to complete.
  8. Our price is figured on the square footage of the home. The minimum price is $350.00 for 3500 square feet and lower.
  9. We strongly encourage that the buyer be present if possible. We can review with you the results of the inspection and point out any problems found. 
  10. In most cases the report will be emailed to you by the end of the day.
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